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Jordan Rudess Wired for Madness LP 2019
Jordan Rudess Wired for Madness 2019
  1. Kappaleet

  2. 1. Wired for Madness - Part 1
  3. 2. Wired for Madness - Part 2
  4. 3. Off the Ground
  5. 4. Drop Twist
  6. 5. Perpetual Shine
  7. 6. Just Can't Win
  8. 7. Just for Today
  9. 8. Why I Dream

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Warner / Warner



Jordan Rudess is the highly acclaimed keyboardist of Dream Theater. Wired For Madness is bursting and flowing forth with all of the drama, technique and melodicism that have become Jordan Rudess’ musical hallmarks. It’s a vibrant and pulsating tour de force that blends old-school prog and piano with a ferocious and typically ambitious oeuvre that’s as tasteful and classic as it is outrageously expansive. Renowned guests include drummer Marco Minnemann, Dream Theater front man James LaBrie, guitarists Vinnie Moore, Guthrie Govan, Joe Bonamassa and John Petrucci among others, but the true star here is Rudess – equal parts classical master, prog monster and interstellar master of the musical universe. There’s even some blues! Says Rudess, “’Just Can’t Win’ is a dirty blues song! The Dream Theater guys call me Blues Man because in many ways I am a reincarnation of an old blues man soul. I called in Joe Bonamassa and a full brass section to help make this song really happen. For my prog fans, this is Jordan Rudess in an alternate universe! “’ It all started with a curious mind and a furious set of little hands. He has gone to change the world of music in many wondrous ways, and Wired for Madness is the next dynamic chapter in a book that’s still being written

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