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Anthony Mills Blue collar work ethic LP 2019
Anthony Mills Blue collar work ethic 2019
  1. Kappaleet

  2. 1. barefoot in pineville
  3. 2. blue collar work ethic
  4. 3. country
  5. 4. cowboys and engines
  6. 5. jook joint
  7. 6. louisiana
  8. 7. me and the bottle
  9. 8. mr. fame
  10. 9. trouble
  11. 10. white baby doll
  12. 11. wild wild west
  13. 12. stetson

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22.00 €




Limited edition, blue vinyl

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Icons Creating Evil / Border



Anthony Mills’ album 'blue collar work ethic is a collection of stories that are a homage to Mill’s Louisiana heritage and factory-town upbringing. These are working songs, chronicling states of mind from the Deep South all the way to the Rubber City (aka Akron, Ohio.) With a background in hip-hop and production, Anthony was persuaded forget these styles to try singing in the style of his homeland by producer David Belafonte. When Anthony realised that this was fundamentally a storytelling genre, he knew it was the right approach for his songs. Mills found laying out his family’s history liberating, while at times bringing him to tears in the studio. Mills is a great grandchild of the industrial revolution, his family migrating from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Akron, laying roots in Flint and Detroit, Michigan along the way. Mills feels that the factory spirit is in his genes, along with the voodoo of his French-Creole Grandma Mills-Anglenais. He tells his family’s story with elements of Americana, Blues and old plantation songs to express the blue-collar inertia that runs through his veins.

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